The city sim you deserve.

Cities are complex and that's why you love them.
Experience a true city: millions of interactions between people, companies and neighborhoods. Follow detailed daily lifes, see businesses struggle in the local economy and be mesmerized by the traffic simulation. Each citizen is simulated individually, their behaviour is realistic and adorably human.

Think and plan as the urban developer that you are.
Prepare changes to your city by creating the perfect plan. Use the most powerful and yet intuitive drawing tools in any city sim ever. Create the craziest roads and intersections, lay out custom parks or even airports. Juggle projects, set priorities and recover from bad situations.

Create a city that looks like a city.
Let your city grow across a beautiful landscape, without boundaries. Enjoy detailed control over zones that curve along roads. Be surprised by procedural architecture that uniquely adapts to the available space and the local circumstances. What style and flavor will your city have?

(is still in development)

Humble beginnings, ambitious goal.
Anselm Eickhoff builds Citybound. It gained attention as a small prototype, then became his fulltime dream project. Now he is chipping away at the impossibility of the task.

We are getting there - be a part of the process.
Citybound will be released when it's fun. Being highly moddable, it will offer many paths of contribution. Our community of city nerds already engages us in high-quality discussions, directly inspiring the vision for the game. We frequently give in-depth updates and host development livestreams.

Video updates and recorded livestreams are available on YouTube.

New! Livestreams are hosted on Beam (Friday and Sunday mornings, CET).

Find even more discussion on Simtropolis and Something Awful.

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