Citybound is a new city building game.

In Citybound, players will grow a city from village to metropolis by building infrastructure, laying out zones and providing public services.

Citybound will simulate and display individual citizens, businesses, farms and factories, creating the immersive experience of a living, breathing city.

Citybound is still in early development.

Citybound started as just a prototype. It is now being developed as a full game, by me (Anselm Eickhoff). I value transparency and community participation in all aspects.

As soon as I find the game to be fun I will release a playable alpha version. You will be able to get it for a reduced early-access price and get all future updates for free.

Latest Livestream Review (from the Citybound DevBlog)

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Development and Q&A Livestreams

Every few days I stream live development of Citybound
and host short Q&A sessions on my channel

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